August 17, 2016

Bail Bonds Woodland, Yolo County

Thank you for choosing Cherry Bail Bonds Woodland. We understand the stress and emotional strain you are experiencing as you work to get someone you love out of jail. Arranging a bail bond should be fast, confidential, and easy. When you call one of our licensed Woodland bail agents, they’ll walk you through the process and make sure all your questions are answered. You’ll receive the best customer service, and will move quickly through the process.

Our procedures at our Yolo County Bail Bonds agency are the best in the area. We are reliable, confidential, and fast. To make the process easier, we can meet your home, or at any place you choose. And, our flexible payment plans mean you can obtain a bond as quickly as possible. In some cases, you don’t even need money down, and can receive 0% interest. We accept payment by credit card, and the whole process is handled over the phone (this is the best way), or using email or by fax. Our payment plans allow you to obtain bail quickly, and make payments in order to get your friend released and back home where they belong.

We understand just how critical it is that you choose the right bail bond agency. You need to receive the best customer service, and be treated professionally. When you work with Cherry Bail Bonds Woodland, you are in the best of hands. We work hard to maintain our Better Business Bureau membership, and abide by their required business practices. Don’t waste your time with other agencies: Call Woodland Bail Bonds for the best customer service. We take our clients and their loved ones very seriously.

Get Information about Your Friend

To get information about your friend to begin the process of getting them released, call Cherry Bail Bonds at (916) 444-0200. Or, call the Yolo County Sheriff’s office at (530) 668-5245, press 1 for English, and then press 1 again to be transferred to the Monroe Detention Center. Stay on the line to speak to someone about inmate information. The Yolo County Jail does not maintain a website where you can look up inmate information, you must call in person.

How Do Bail Bonds in Woodland Work?

After a person is arrested and charged with a crime, they must arrange for bail to be posted, or they will have to stay in jail as they await their trial. Bail bonds are a method that can be used to obtain this release. Bail agents provide bail bonds (which hold the same value as the full bail amount) they will provide to the court for the release of the defendant. In order for the bond to be issued, friends or family members of the defendant must sign a written agreement taking full responsibility for the defendant showing up for all court dates, and also taking full responsibility to pay the entire bail amount should the defendant skip bail.

Bail bonds and agents are regulated by the California Department of Insurance. Regulation states they must charge 8-10% as a fee for the service of providing the bond. To learn more about the process of obtaining a bond, read our F.A.Q., or give us a call. We are more than happy to walk through the process and answer any and all questions you may have.




Helpful Information:

Yolo County Jail
2420 East Gibson Rd
Woodland, Ca 95776
(530) 668-5245

Yolo County Superior Court
725 Court Street
Woodland, Ca 95695
(530) 406-6700

Yolo County Public Defender
814 North Street
Woodland, Ca 95695
(530) 666-8165